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Reddit 10th most visited website in the U.S. Reddit uses voting system where number of votes a post receives a given posts rank on the website. Reddit upvotes allow to get exposure for message, brand, product & website traffic to the post receives. So get quality & value for all Reddit upvote.

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What is Reddit Upvote

Reddit-Upvote.com Gives Real Member voting which supports reddit.

Reddit is voting system to make a post’s score more accurately reflect its popularity. It created to prevent spammers or vote manipulators from seeing exactly how their efforts were affecting a given post, based on hidden variables defined by Reddit, “fuzzing” the upvotes and downvotes. Reddit has been struggling to balance control with openness, and scores that are closer to straight vote counts

We Boost Your Post Like Anything

The vast majority of posts will never get thousands of upvotes.

First few upvotes (enough to be seen on /r/rising) are much more likely to then be seen by even more people which gets it to one of the back pages of /r/all.
There are some thing where most of post get 1 to 27 upvote where some post are get 22 k upvote or more Reddit upvotes gives huge traffic ..

Get Comments On Your Post - Looking Good Comment

Commnent's on your post are natural where redditor's make comment on it

There is basically an equation for it. You need upvotes from the people browsing "new" in the sub you post in. From there you hit the people checking "top" last hour for that specific sub, gaining more votes. Then you hit the r/all top, last hour voters. This is the key moment for the post really. You need enough upvotes between those 3 groups to make it to the top 3 or so pages of r/all

Reddit Karma - Score Board

It's the scoreboard of reddit-a reward earned for posting popular content. It also comes in two flavors: link karma, and comment karma.

You gain karma points when your links and comments are upvoted. You lose it when your links and comments are downvoted to a number lower than zero.

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